3 Personal Things I’ve Learned So Far with My Food Journal – 8/11, 8/12, 8/13

We all learn something new when we evaluate ourselves. Here’s a few things I’ve learned in a few days of monitoring what I eat.


Below is my food journal, or food diary, for the last few days.



9:35 am   Coffee with Cream and Sugar (CCS)

10:30 am   CCS

11:00 am   Honey Wheat English Muffin with Butter

12:15 pm   CCS

1:30 pm   Beef, pasta, and gravy with dry ranch, peas and carrots (leftovers)

3:15 pm   Jolly Rancher

5:30 pm   Coffee and Nut M&Ms (most of the bag)

6:00 pm   Chicken Fries (Burger King)

7:15 pm   Water

7:30 pm   CCS

9:20 pm   Oriental Ramen

10:30 pm   Water

I may have a coffee addiction


9:50 am   CCS

11:15 am   CCS with Honey Wheat English Muffin and Butter

1:50 pm   Reduced Fat Turkey Backon Egg White sandwich and Tall Caramel Latte (Starbucks for a Sarasota Crochet Meet Up)

5:30 pm   McDouble

7:00 pm   CCS

7:30 pm   Pasta and Meatballs with Butter

7:45 pm   Water

9:00 pm   Water

11:00 pm   Oriental Ramen

English Muffins are the best!


10:30 am   CCS

11:30 am   Rest of M&M’s Bag

2:30 pm   CCS

3:00 pm   Crouton and Cheese with Ranch (Yes, it’s my salad. Hush. :P)

3:45 pm   New England Clam Chowder, French Baguette, Green Tea (Panera)

4:50 pm   Green Tea and Lemonade Mix

8:00 pm   Chips

9:00 pm   Burger with Parm and Garlic Bread

10:00 pm   Beer and Chocolate Chip Cookie and water

12:00 am   Beer

Croutons, cheese and ranch make an excellent snack...just don't judge me for not adding greens.


What have I learned so far?

  1. I need to drink more water.
  2. I probably should switch a coffee out for tea daily…
  3. I really don’t eat very much, but what I do eat are high calorie foods…I think.


How I Will Change My Life

Changing my life one meal at a time. How’s that for making personal differences?

This past week has been interesting, to say the least. I’ve been spending the time researching various things, from craft fair booth set ups (I’m an Etsy seller who is getting back into craft fairs and conventions,) to how to be paleo, the difference between paleo and keto, and which may be better. But I needed to do one step first:

I needed to see how I currently eat.

Ultimate Goal

So easily we forget to look at what we’re eating before we change it. We forget to evaluate ourselves before changing ourselves. My goal is to look at what I eat now and find ways to adjust it. I’m not going to look at numbers unless it’s needed. My ultimate goal isn’t to eat a certain amount of numbers, it’s to feel comfortable in my body again. I don’t want to be stuck measuring everything, but I do want to be alert to how much is going in my stomach.

While writing down whatever passed my lips, I found myself making a strange discovery: I don’t eat as much as I thought I did. I drink a lot of coffee (this I knew) and I eat a lot of Chicken (which is nothing new to me, either,) but overall, I don’t eat nearly as much as I thought I did. Some days, I eat way less than I should. Other days, I do eat quite a bit, but it’s small amounts frequently through the day.

And to top it off, what I do eat isn’t the best.

So I’ve made a decision. And it’s leaving me feeling very vulnerable, but you know what? How can I be sure I’ll be held accountable if I don’t hold myself accountable. So, dear reader, I’m going to post a picture I have never posted before…and one I expect will either get “go get ’em’s” or “you bitch’s.” I don’t care. I want to share my journey with you. I want to hear about your journey. I want to inspire others to start their journey, and maybe help them even make the first step…and I want to make sure I take the first step.

So, here goes…


There it is. Vulnerability. I’m at my heaviest ever and I don’t want to get heavier. And yes, I’m aware it’s not as much as some, and yes, I’m aware it’s not as little as others, but what’s important is me being comfortable, and I’m just not. I wear a full shirt and capris to the pool because I’m not comfortable in my body. I can’t wear most of my closet because I’m not comfortable with the way it sits on me anymore.

And my journey is going to start with this first promise:

For the next two weeks, I will be keeping track AND POSTING everything that I eat. I will mark the times and what it was. And after two weeks, I will begin to change small things here and there. I will show you what I change, why I change it, and what I change it to. And if you want to join me in this venture, comment! Let me know! Show me your blog and I’ll join you in this amazing life changing journey that I am determined to finish and win!

Will you win?